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Larson Österberg

Short story: 
Born in 1970, Helsinki, Finland. 

Lives & works in Hangö and Ekenäs.

Hooked on painting since 1997.

Long story:
I have painted half my life. I started out doing all sorts of things, ranging from the surreal to the beautiful, but eventually I found my path.


I discovered how much I enjoy painting skies and seas, and that still remains true today. I absolutely love painting a blue sky!

I also paint abstract works. Some times I do both at the same time - I've noticed that one doesn't necessarily exclude the other!

I do most of my painting during the long, dark Finnish winter months. I long for open horizons, bright days and warm sunshine - and that longing travels through my paintbrushes and onto the canvas. 


PLEASE DO CONTACT ME if you want to come and visit my gallery and have a look for yourself.


Prices range between 500 and 3000€, and you are welcome to take a painting home and try it on your own wall before paying. 


I also accept occasional commissions.


Artist photos by Kjell Svenskberg.  

Previous exibitions


2021 Hangö Bibliotek

2020 Hangö Bibliotek

2019 Galleria Albert IX 

2019 Billnäs Antikdagar

2018 Hangö Stadsgalleri

2018 Galleri Bengelsdorff

2016 Galleria Dix, Helsinki

2016 Makkaragalleria, Helsinki

2016 Hangö Stadshusgalleri

2016 Galleri Perspektivet

2015 Galleri Piphyllan

2014 Tårtan, Sockholm

2014 Galerie Falkengasse, CHE

2014 Galleri Perspektivet

2013 Stationsgalleriet, Ekenäs

2012 Galleri Fokus, Karis

2013  Gallery Fogga, Helsinki

2012 Gallerie Falkengasse

2011 Galleri Perspektiv

2010 Galleri Perspektiv

2009 Gallery Soboleff

1999 Galleri Skarpans
1998 NEWS (Helsinki)

1997 LaStrada (Helsinki)