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Larson Österberg

Short story: 
Born in 1970, Helsinki, Finland. 

Lives & works in Hangö and Ekenäs.

Hooked on painting since 1997.

Long story:
I have painted half my life. I started out doing all sorts of things, ranging from the surreal to the beautiful, but eventually I found my path.


I discovered how much I enjoy painting skies and seas, and that still remains true today. I absolutely love painting a blue sky!

I also paint abstract works. Some times I do both at the same time - I've noticed that one doesn't necessarily exclude the other!

I do most of my painting during the long, dark Finnish winter months. I long for open horizons, bright days and warm sunshine - and that longing travels through my paintbrushes and onto the canvas. 


PLEASE DO CONTACT ME if you want to come and visit my gallery and have a look for yourself.


Prices range between 500 and 3000€, and you are welcome to take a painting home and try it on your own wall before paying. 


I also accept occasional commissions.


Artist photos by Kjell Svenskberg.  

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